Our philosophy begins with a great on-site amenities experience. It’s what we do with those amenities that sets us apart from the competition. Savory delivers the highest in quality and consistency across the board as your one-stop-shop solution to every aspect of your food and beverage program.


Savory manages and operates multiple high quality Barista Cafés in NYC with bespoke menus, artisan bake shop offerings and fancy latte art for customers to enjoy throughout the day. We partner with only the best local roaster coffee partners in NYC. There is tremendous value to these partnerships, which include barista talent recruiting, full beverage knowledge, and onsite and offsite training.

Savory is fully equipped to manage the receiving, stocking and reporting of the café, working seamlessly as an extension of your facilities team.


For each of our Grab & Go clients, we develop a unique logistics plan, including daily deliveries of freshly prepared grab and go items, such as sushi, sandwiches, bowls, and salads. We use a digital inventory platform that tracks all items sent, sold, and discarded. This technology allows Savory to manage pars on a day-to-day basis, minimize waste and understand the patterns and habits of your staff.

Our Grab & Go items feature the Simply brand logo, which is fun and modern. Looking for white labeling instead? Savory is able to blend seamlessly with your ideal brand vision.

Savory offers custom pantry solutions, curated for your company culture and taste. We have the autonomy to procure an endless mix of office favorites, healthy snacks, and the latest trends in food and beverage.


Simply Savory is our clean, fun, and modern approach to Grab and Go. Using the freshest quality ingredients, customized to meet your customer’s trending habits, Simply Savory is perfect for any Grab and Go concept. Our geo- proximity in the central Manhattan area and logistics capabilities allows us to provide shorter transit times, and accurate on time deliveries, ensuring the quality is never compromised.